Lauren Byrne Connelly, Division 23


With joy and pride, we celebrate our dear LAOH sister, Lauren Byrne Connelly, Division 23, on Lauren’s prestigious recognition as one of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 40 under 40 honoree. Chosen from more than 240 candidates by an independent panel of judges, based on passion, commitment, visibility, diversity and overall impact on the region, Lauren exemplifies the LAOH mission and represents the best in Pittsburgh’s present and future.


Lauren is the current Executive Director of Lawrenceville United, and is a former Miss Smiling Irish Eyes of Pittsburgh. In our mission, Lauren we congratulate, applaud, recognize and value your commitment as you follow the path of our own Women’s Prayer:


 “…Make us women who believe in the good of the other…who speak the good to each other and about each other…who do good for one another…Bestow on us your gift of Knowledge that we may know you who are the source of all good.”