San Antonio School

San Antonio School for Handicapped Children
Philippines, Zammbales Area
Built by: Judy & George Jones – June 2005


 LAOH Division 7 is honored and privileged to send school supplies and other needed educational  supplies to the children of the San Antonio School for Handicapped Children on a quarterly basis.   The joy and rewards that LAOH Division 7 receives is prompting an even greater expansion of giving with  plans to begin to include, along with the school supplies, much needed clothing for small children.

Judy (far left) and her husband Captain George Jones meet while Captain Jones was in the service in  the Philippines. The school was built in June 2005 and serves handicapped children in the Philippines,  Zammbales Area.  The LAOH school supplies are either mailed by Judy or hand delivered by Judy to the  school.  Judy and her daughter Diane recently visited LAOH Division 7 and both are pictured here (left to  right –  Judy Jones (co-founder w/Captain George Jones (deceased) and daughter Diane.

Both Judy and Diane were delighted to display this map of Judy’s native land and location of the school  while sharing an amazing story of love of family, country and philanthropy.

Below is a picture of the handmade thank you card that the children at the San Antonio School for  Handicapped children made to thank LAOH Division 7.  We of LAOH Division 7 are touched, honored and  are humbled to help these children and thank the children for this wonderful opportunity.  May those little fingers keep reaching to the sky and grow with our help and the help of many others.

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